Hello Aspiring Pickle!

Thank you for your interest in the Cucumber Program for Graphic Designer at Design Pickle!

PLEASE PROCEED TO THIS LINK TO APPLY https://designpickle.com/designer-application

Read through the content of the site for some tips and FAQs, at the bottom, you'll find the available job opening. Click the Continent you're in, choose from the options, and the country you're currently residing in. be directed to the list of requirements of a specific job position, read through the requirements, and click Apply Now. After you’ve submitted your details, please check your email (or your spam folder) for any instructions and updates.

If you pass all evaluations, you’ll be part of our cucumber program and you have a sure spot on our team! As part of the cucumber program, we’ll make sure to have you covered as you’re going to be in line until we can give you the perfect clients for your design skills! You’ll be part of our newsletter, where we share tips and tricks for design work, exclusive webinars, and constant notifications about the status of your application. Rest assured that with the cucumber program we’ll be looking out for you until we can officially make you one of our Pickles!

Check out these tips as well to ace your application:

- Portfolio sample
- CV sample


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